Voted Connecticut Shoreline Best Yoga Studio 2019, 2020, 2021 by The E-List, Shoreline Times, and Best of Old Saybrook

Saybrook Soul Sweat

Who We Are

  • Our state of the art studio is fitted with the most up to date heating system to ensure a hot and steamy practice but is very breathable the whole way through. We use 40 infrared heat panels suspended from the ceiling to heat your body up, combined with a nortec humidification system which brings the steam in. Simultaneously, we have air vents constantly bringing fresh air into the, so even though it is hot, you never feel like you are suffocating. At the end of class we have a fan system, which empties all the steam and hot air out, so it’s fresh and ready to go for the following class. Our floor is lined with cork, adding a small cushion for those who love to invert and get upside down. On top of everything, we prioritize cleanliness, with the studio being cleaned top to bottom each and after every class. We can guarantee that you will love the space and will always leave feeling your best!

Our Studio At A Glance

Click the link to take a virtual tour of our beautiful studio!

Our Family

  • We are blessed with a dedicated team of teachers who are committed to your growth on and off the mat. We believe that each teacher has their own unique, individual style and we encourage them to share that with you. No two classes or two teachers are the same! While all classes are vinyasa based, we recommend trying out each teacher and finding the vibe that resonates with you!

Yoga For Every-Body