Finally! After 3 long months, Saybrook Soul Sweat is re-opening. Nama-freakin-ste!!!!First – THANK YOU!! Thank you for your constant love and support over the past three months. We know they were tough on all of us. There were so many moments we wondered if we would ever re-open, but every time we got discouraged, it was a message from one of you that kept us hopeful. Thank you for those messages, letters, rolling memberships, gift cards, pre-purchased classes, donations, sharing on social media…just thank you.
One of my favorite quotes is -“What if pain – like love – is just a place brave people visit?”Three months of a closed studio, of no in house yoga, of not seeing all of you, of not knowing whats in store for the future was painful for all of us. But we got through it together, even if together meant from afar and virtually, and we are so so grateful!!
Re-opening will be very trial and error for everyone. We are committed to offering the best possible yoga experience in the safest way right now, but please understand there is no handbook to follow. We are just going to try to do the next right thing, one thing at a time, and hope for the best. There will be bumps in the road. We will undoubtedly make mistakes. We will experience growing pains as we transition to a new normal. Please be patient with us and kind to one another in the coming weeks and months.
Policies / changes / schedules / package information below! Everything subject to change as needed.
Thank you ~ Court!

Policies for Phase 2 Re-Opening 6.17.20

Studio open 20 minutes prior to each class. Avoid crowding outside or in lobby. If in line, adhere to social distancing stickers on the floor.

Attendance is first come / first serve. No online registration, no holding spots for friends.

Sanitizing station will be by the main entrance & studio entrance. Every student must sanitize before entering facility.

Bring in only what you need (water bottle, yoga mat, towel). Leave your shoes outside on the sidewalk before entering. 1/2 of cubbies available if you must bring in keys / wallet. No bags, change of clothes, etc allowed in.

No use of dressing rooms. Arrive in your yoga attire and leave in it.

Restroom will be available but not to be used as a dressing room.

Payment will be “paper-free”. Credit / debit only. No cash, no checks. We recommend storing your card information onto your mind body account ahead of time.

Masks MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES when entering / exiting the studio. Once class begins, if constricting your breathing, you may remove mask only while on socially distanced mat.
No mask, no entry. No exceptions. 

Follow socially distanced markers (6 ft) in the studio for mat placement. 

Limit interaction with other students.

Bring your own mat/props/towel. We have blocks/kneepads/mats for sale. 

No shared props, mat rentals, or towels.

Teacher is stationed at the front of the class. Each teacher will be 
temperature tested before teaching. No walking around the room or assists.

Exit from door INSIDE THE STUDIO, NOT LOBBY. If you need to, grab your shake or keys, but then exit from studio.

Exit immediately after class ends. No staying late.

No lavender towels / shots after class. We will get back to them in the future when it is allowed.

Studio door will remain open during class for airflow. Heat panels will be utilized, steam will not until allowed.

Studio will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after EACH class & again at the end of each day. Wait for permission to enter studio when you arrive.

Studio has been treated with Permasafe (diagram below) to prevent the spread of Covid-19 surface to surface. 

Every student must sign a new waiver before practicing. It will be sent out via email – print and sign ahead of time if possible.

If you or a family member are experiencing flu-like symptoms SSS respectfully asks that for your safety, and the safety of the SSS community, you not attend class. SSS will continue to offer Zoom classes and we would ask that you enjoy one of our Zoom classes from the comfort of your home until such time as you are cleared to return to the studio.  

All memberships will resume as active on 6/17/20

Memberships have been adjusted as following:

Walk ins / class pass – all remaining are available
Unlimited year – 3 months have been added to your expiration date
Unlimited month – Any missed days have been added to your account
Unlimited autopay – If you kept your autopay running to date, it has now been permanently stopped, you will no longer be charged. 3 months have been added to your account.
We will no longer be offering our unlimited autopay membership.
Unlimited members – if you would prefer to access zoom instead of in class access, just email us at and we will provide you with code.