Hello & Welcome! Or Welcome back! 

Either way, we’re happy to have you!


Now that we’re back open, we’re seeing a lot of new faces at the studio, as well as the familiar ones we have come to know and love. Since there are so many people joining our community, I wanted to take a quick second to introduce us.

 I’m Court, and yoga is kinda my thing. That’s Kim, my mom, and yoga was admittedly her thing first. I’ve been practicing about 15 years and my mom’s been doing this way longer. We both love yoga. We both love the CT Shoreline. We saw a need for a happy place where everyone could just BE and PRACTICE together. No matter your experience level, lifestyle, body type. We wanted a yoga home so a few years ago we decided to open one. We hoped it would be successful but we never dreamed it would become what it has. Sure, we do yoga here. But its more than that. We have truly become a family – from our teaching staff to our students. You’re are friends and we mean that. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you everyday as you transform on your mat. We LOVE what we do and we pride ourselves on keeping the small, family run feel of the studio alive.

 A lot has happened in the past few years. We ran a juice bar, we rented a smoothie bar, we had classes that started with 1 student grow to classes of 50 students, we have watched teachers grow as individuals and as families, we have closed for 3 months, we have socially distanced for a year, we have gone virtual and adapted and adjusted and survived. We survived & we would do it all over and over again.

 Because despite all the challenges and changes, our passion for what we do has never wavered or faded. We are fueled by our love of yoga and our love of, well, you!


 We are finally getting back to the studio we once were before Covid and it feels amazing!!! We’re adding classes and classes are filling up. New students are coming in and staying. Our friends we haven’t seen in over a year are coming back. The juice is back! The heat and steam are back. The dogs will even be back, sometimes (we know you’ve missed our guys!)

 So welcome. Or welcome back. We’re happy to be here. We hope you are too!


Court & Kim x