108 Sun Salutations with Carolyn and Court

Sun Salutations are a sequence of yoga poses strung together in a consistent movement, typically found in Vinyasa-style yoga. *think of your chatarangas!* 

We will do 108 sun salutations together, broken up into 9 sets of 12. In between sets we will flow, meditate, breathe, push ourselves, and support one another. It truly is a special experience, bonding the community together as we lean on each other to push through. 

After the 108, you can expect to feel accomplished, detoxed, and a little exhausted. But the lessons that come with participating in a 108 are invaluable, allowing you to recognize the depth of your strength, harness the power of positive mental thinking and breath, and shift / release old energy to make room for the new. 

The number 108 is sacred and significant in many ways, appearing in many disciplines from astronomy to yoga, and in this workshop we will honor that as one. 

Sunday 10/24 11:00 pm - 1:00 pm 


Email saybrooksoulsweat@yahoo.com to register